Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Question???

Hello its a new day and last night I thought of something..Is it possible to love some one else and marry some one else??? And if some one does this then whom is he betraying the most??One's own self??Or the partner??Human capability amazes me a lot...the way people adapt to situations is really a wonder. Infact many people who succumbs to this kind of situation are initially very sceptical and assumes that the marriage will not last. Just for some prosaic social norms and responsibility toward parents one takes this decision. And marriage supposes to be the amalgamation of two hearts specifically chosen by god. But???This but leads to a new path. Infact people who has a broken relationship are the ones who are the most successful in married life. With time they tend to erase the pink memories with the ex-partner, and gradually tend to love their present partner. And yes an intimate physical relation acts like a catalyst to foster this love. These people know that what are the mistakes they did in their previous relationship(s) and do avoid them in their present life..

One thing is true that in the initial phases the spouses will have to adjust with this kinda people.It is a tough call but with time and patience they get the most out of the marriage, in return. So to me I do believe that these people are brave people who have the guts to face life with an attitude. And because they are faithful to themselves and family they took a noble decision. Because a marriage is a very big commitment and it is better to end a patch work relationship and move forward in life and be happy and make people in your vicinity happy ..So chill.

Rasmo riwajo ki jo parwah karte hai,
pyar me wo log gunah karte hai,
ishq wo junun hai jisme diwane,
apni khushi se khud ko tabah karte hai..


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