Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What is Love?????

This is a blog where I will place issues on Love and Romance, will try to deciphere this mysterious subject called LOVE...So please be with me and share your views and let us all together make this worl full of love...


At Thu Feb 16, 01:22:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmm i really appreciate ur thought akash keep it up yes this world really needs more and more love so these small efforts can make all the diffrence

At Thu Feb 16, 04:06:00 PM 2006, Blogger AaKaSh said...

Thanx sudeshna, ur motivation is a source of of luck to your love life...

At Thu Feb 16, 08:32:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aakash here are some comments about 'Kiss' which is an essential part of so called 'LOVE'...

Professors of different subjects define the same word "kiss" in different

Prof. of Computer Science:
A kiss is a few bits of love compiled into a byte.

Prof. of Algebra:
A kiss is two divided by nothing.

Prof. of Geometry:
A kiss is the shortest distance between two straight lines.

Prof. of Physics:
A kiss is the contraction of mouth due to the expansion of the heart.

Prof. of Chemistry:
A kiss is the reaction of the interaction between two hearts.

Prof. of Zoology:
A kiss is the interchange of unisexual salivary bacteria.

Prof. of Physiology:
A kiss is the juxtaposition of two orbicularis oris muscles in the
state of contraction.

Prof. of Dentistry:
A kiss is infectious and antiseptic.

Prof. of Accountancy:
A kiss is a credit because it is profitable when returned.

Prof. of Economics:
A kiss is that thing for which the demand is higher than the supply.

Prof. of Statistics:
A kiss is an event whose probability depends on the vital statistics
of 36-24-36.

Prof. of Philosophy:
A kiss is the persecution for the child, ecstasy for the youth and
homage for the old.

Prof. of English:
A kiss is a noun that is used as a conjunction; it is more common than
proper; it is spoken in the plural and it is applicable to all.

Prof. of Engineering:
Uh, What? I'm not familiar with that term


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