Monday, February 20, 2006

Whats the solution???

Imagine yourself clouded by the fog, standing at the edge of the cliff, fearing to take a step, not knowing the fate in the very next second. A gush of wind kissing you as you fight with the destiny, and then when you felt better, suddenly you feel falling deeper and deeper sucked by a vortex of uncertainty. No you have not taken a single step; it’s just the fear that stops you from deciphering the path towards the road away from the edge. You feel better standing there until and unless someone comes and leads you safe back. But if he does not come? Then? Will you wait their blinded all the while…waiting for a miracle to happen…Why not try to take a little bit of risk, each step that you will be taking towards finding the way back will be like a movie played in reverse order. All the frames created while you reached at the point of no return and indecision is to be step by step reversed and placed accordingly. We know that 0+2+2+2=6 again 6-2-2-2=0. Wish life was so easy. But we human beings are neither a movie player nor a computer that we can store the frames and exactly reverse the order of the frame of life. Wish we could have? Sigh!!

Now comes the trivial question, then what is the solution?Please provide your valuable AaKaSh


At Tue Feb 21, 12:45:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every step is a risk as long as you are alive. You can never depend on anybody because the person you believe more than yourself can hurt you more than you could have ever imagined.So there is no point ever waiting for someone to save you because miracles never happen.Life is a nuisance & we have to bear with it...because our lives are not just our own ...but also that of all the people dear to us.So its best not to think in terms of risks, losses or gain...but to take life as it comes...with a smile on your face even if it tears your heart apart & your mind screams at the injustice.

At Mon Feb 27, 10:18:00 AM 2006, Blogger AaKaSh said...

so miss anynomous or whoever u was a nice piece of advice..but are people so accepting as you are??You have a given a true solution but at times did you ever not think that all roads in front of you are closed..and you are totally alone in this journey of life..then did you not wish that if some one you love or care will come to you and take you out of the misery..but if he does not come then???Can you have that much power to overcome life and face the life with confidence..I know these are words of texts but not applicable in real life..Any ways miss/mr thanx for the post but i hope that you will further help me finding the answer which i am searching for..with a better practical approach..take care..


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