Monday, April 10, 2006

sex and love..

Hello folks...,

Now i have a big confusion regarding this issue of love and sex.I have come across people who are really paranoid with the physical aspects of love. They seem to
perceive the two aspets as two sides of a river. And the wonderful coincidence is that all those people that i have met did not have any amorous affair in their own life. So to them love is pure and platonic, infact this is the mental set up of the female sex.. But is this the truth??

I have the asked the same set of people that if they will have crush for any ugly looking guy? And prompt was their reply...NO!!!..If they are so paranoid with physical aspects of love then why are they not liberal to accept love from an ugly person. Then asked whether whats the reason of choosing a nice looking boy friend, they get confused at this question. Then I do help them with the reason, they all admit that they would fantatise. Here comes the real hypocrisy of these people, because they seem to potray love as a mere platonic affair. Then why fantatisation???

The truth is that we are all the effect of the ORIGINAL SIN and the traits put in us we can not defy under any circumstances. Sex is a basic instinct of all human beings..but the funniest stuff is that we people are ashamed of discussing this aspect, its all hypocrisy.

I have also come to ask all my friends who were in a ny relation for a period over 4-5 months and all of them agreed to having some sort of physical experience with their partner. Actually there are some people too who are having a relation for few years but do not consent to having any physical experience..and thats a real 'BIG' lie..or they really do not love their spouse and indulge in having sex with multiple partners.

To me true love can only come only after two souls amalgamate completely, and physical experience is a way of complete submision of a soul to another. Its a tremendous bond of togetherness. And the truest form of love.

Now see sex is also a stand alone activity apart from a subset of love. But still that i am not concerned about, i am only confined to the domain of "love and sex".
Premarital sex has been under the realms of our society but we defy this truth an try to act decent..All of us have the desire but the element of fear prohibits us from acting being too instinctive..thats why we arehuman beings. But provided with an oppurtunity all will indulge in sexual activity obvioulsy under the assylum of being in love...;-)


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